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To fuck a young bitch
Did you hear that Jimmy R.Kelly'd dat new girl?
by Lele December 16, 2003
77 104
1. To urinate on your sexual partner.

2. You would refer to the giver of a golden shower as the R. Kellyer and the one recieving the golden shower as the R. Kellyed.
After I came I R. Kelly'd all over his face.
by Jenro October 04, 2005
315 67
To get away with having sex with an under-aged girl.
Justin R. Kelly'd after the police believed his story about not having had sex with 12-year old Cynthia.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
191 62
v. To urinate on something.
Wow, that piece of equipment is all wet! Someone probably R Kelly'd it.
by Shadekat September 04, 2008
13 3
to pluck the apples before they've dropped. The Stealing of a childs inocense or the popping of a cherry also reffered to as 'Garry Glittered'
'So I saw on her bus pass that she was only 14' 'so what did u do?' 'I R'kelly'd her innit!'
by Foul J August 04, 2005
52 104