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(R-FoC) “AR FAHK” = pronunciation

R-FoC stands for (Real Food on Campus) in an ideal world. However, in a certain University Located in Southfield Michigan, the term has been given a new meaning. If one is to go “FoC”, it means they are going to go eat in the shitty cafeteria located on campus. Furthermore, “R-FoC” also serves as a transitive verb. To be “R-FoC’ed” is when a single student or group of students has a shitty ass experience in the campus dining facility. More specifically, “R-FoC’ed” directly implies the food and or service received was sub-par to the expected level of treatment in the facility. This sub-par service may include: cold food, lack of variety, small piss-ass take out containers, overcooked / over seasoned food, overpricing, un-kept promises made the student body, or a simply feeling poor after eating the food. Overall the Ballsackery of “R-FoC” food system is what spawned the now derogatory term “R-FoC / R-FoC’ed” However, the students of this certain university have come to enjoy the joking manner of the term R-FoC.
Joe: "I went to go eat today and got R-FoC'ed again..."

Sally: "Want to go R-FoC?"

Joe: "Na, I all ready got FoC'ed today..."
Sally: "FoC you!"

Sally: “Where the hell is the FoC’ing Ice Cream Machine!!!”
Joe: “It’s not here yet…”
Sally: “FoC Me!”
Joe: “Go FoC yourself!”

Joe: "I am so sick and tired of these FoC'ing burgers!!!"

Joe: (Thinking to himself) "I really don't want to go FoC... but I have 100 meals left for the semester and it is November..." (FoC)ML...

Sally: "My ass still hurts from R-FoC'ing last night..."

Sally’s Facebook Status Update: “I am FoC’ing… anyone want to join?”

Joe: ”FoC No!”

Joe: (Looking down at plain overcooked burger)

Sally: “FoC’ed?”

Joe: “Yep…”

Sally: “Dammit! There are no burgers, the pizza sucks, and I don’t want to get the R-FoC’s after eating that shitty Asian food… What do I eat?”
Joe: “Waffle?...”
Sally: “sigh… R-FoC’ed again…”
by Hanz the EE and DB the Arch-E November 05, 2010
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