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When you are writing an essay and instead of leading into or mentioning where certain information came from, you throw in a quote. The reader has no idea if the quote is legitimate or even where it is from.
Teacher: Billy, your essay doesn't mention who any of the people are in your citations.

Billy: Opps, guess I threw one too many quote bombs in there, huh?
by SushiMonster555 December 02, 2009
When you mention a quote from a notable tv show or movie in connection with something mentioned previously.
"Dude you drank way too much last night!"

"Haha, yeah I abused that toilet"

"I don't wanna, I don't wanna (puking sound)" (Family Guy ipecac puking competition reference)

"Hahaha classic quote bomb!"
by Waldo Prynce May 10, 2010
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