Quorn is infact Fusarium venenatum, a soil mould (not athletes foot like some noobs think). The fungus is grown in continually oxygenated water in large, sterile fermentation tanks. The product is then dried and mixed with chicken egg albumen, which acts as a binder. It is then textured, giving it some of the grained character of meat, and pressed into meat forms
Quorn burgers, my favorite.
by G Rimp May 20, 2008
Top Definition
Quorn is a very handy word, useful in all circumstances. It is not, as some would believe, a meat substitute for vegetarians, but rather, a much needed word for every member of today's rather "quornish" society.
"you see that guy over there.. what an absolute quorn!"

"what are you quorning on about?!"

"to quorn, or not to quorn. That is the question."

My mum told me off for looking at some quorn on the internet the other night. I mean what is her problem, it's only a tasty meat substitute for veggis!!"
by the queen of quorn July 27, 2009
An edible protein that is not animal or vegetable based, developed in Europe. Quorn is a fungus and therefore not animal or vegetable, although bichemically similar to animals on the cellular level, so is a good source of nutrition. The organism from which Quorn is harvested is a batch-grown form of the tinnea fungus that causes athletes foot in humans.
" How do you like the stirfry? I used quorn instead of chicken for a change."
by D F Stuckey March 09, 2004
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