A site that was intended as a place to make your own quizzes but has now become a gathering for idiot fangirls of Harry Potter, Inyuasha, et al.
If I wanted to read idiot ramblings of girls with no life, I'd read LiveJournal, not Quizilla.
by Lucy March 18, 2005
Quizilla is a site for quizzes that has now recently been mostly inhabited by psychotic fangirls. The majority of the site has now been taken up by fanfics such as "HW FR WUD HARRY POTTER GO WIT U?11?!!1ONE" or "*~Frank iero & YOU!1 (OMGROFLLAWL LEMONZZ!!!11ONE)~*

Not all of the site's fanfiction is bad, some of the writers are actually quite dedicated and often put time and effort into their stories, whether or not they are fanfiction. But the most of it has become a sick competition to get your story on the "Most popular" or "Highest rated" list. Out of all the crap, it's hard to find an actually good original story or fanfiction. But if you're lucky, there is a chance that you may find some good stuff.
& RocketMuffin
Are good writers on Quizilla. 78% of the others on the site, are NOT.
by Marleigh January 19, 2007
quizilla is a website where a user can publish a poem, a quiz, a story, lyrics to a song or a poll and even create there own journal. the web page was launched in august 4th, 2002, when its original creator, Matthew Nielsen, first created the site.
person1: wuu2? (what you up to?)
person2: i'm going on quizilla
person1: what's that?
person2: it's a website, where i am free to express myself in my poetry or even create a quiz for peaple to take!
person1: cool
by linkinparkfreak January 18, 2009
A breeding ground for stupid emo girls who write fanfics about Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho and My Chemical Romance.
stupid emo girl: pmgpmg read my story on quizilla! :3
regular person: i'll go do something less painful, like masturbate with a piece of sandpaper.
by dumbaxe59 April 11, 2006
A web site in which people make their own unique quizzes. It's sure better than wasting your time defining the word quizilla like a flaking pansy. Eh hem.
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
A site that once housed creative stories, quizzes, and poems that has now been over-run by 12 year old girls who have no sense of proper grammar and only want to write about falling in love with vampires and anything Twilight related. You can also find a mixture of other popular topics (always romance stories) such as: Any popular anime show, Harry Potter, Werewolves, and a well known famous person. Anything that is well written and not necessarily about falling in love with a mythical creature will be rejected and rated poorly. A place that once used to be a good outlet to get criticism and post well written pieces of work, Quizilla has become all about getting the best ratings on your crappy story about "Vampire Love".
Beth: Hey did you see my new story about Nick Jonas I posted on Quizilla!!!!!?!?!?!??!!
Jamie: No because Quizilla is for idiots who write the same boring stories and just change around the names and species of the main character's love interest.
by WickedWriterChick December 09, 2009
A great site, where you could make quizzes about stuff, it was fun. but now, it is a haven for pathetic lowly emo girls obsessed with harry potter/emo boys/ my chemical romance/inuyasha/naruto boys.

its so gay now.
bob:quizilla is so gay.

tim: yep
by waffles7768 August 01, 2008

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