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When a number of people, in sequence, post results from quizzes on Facebook, resulting in everyone else on all of their friends lists being spammed by numerous space-consuming quiz outcomes upon login. Exponentially grows.
Person A and B are both friends with Person C. A and B are both online at 2 am, while C is sleeping. A fills out a quiz and posts the result, before moving on to take other quizzes. B, seeing the result from the first quiz, proceeds to follow A in his or her quiz-taking. Soon, a very large chain of posted quiz results, which only A and B will ever care about, are posted for all to see. When C logs in the next morning, witnessing their very own quiz rape by the large number of results sitting on their home page- which is multiplied even further by the number of As and Bs there were in the given scenario.
C may or may not proceed to take a handful of these quizzes, and you bloody better hope you aren't person D.
by Jaziuz June 12, 2009
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