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Greedy, money-hungry, describing people who fall for scams and pyramid schemes such as Quixtar and Amway (the failed version of Quixtar). Describing people who will pay $100 to attend a pointless rally where they will hold candles and listen to greed-driven liars speak. Describing people who have the desire to become rich quickly, only to become broke later in life.

Psychologist: Why are you a plumber?
Plumber: I have no money.
Psychologist: Why not? I thought I knew you back then. You had a college degree. You were a successful accountant.
Plumber: I gave it all up for Quixtar. I had it all, and I lost everything because I wasted my money on tapes and pointless materials for Quixtar. I now prevent people's shit from overflowing as my career.
Psychologist: Oh, son, you are so quixtar-like. Now excuse me while I go to the bathroom. Please wait outside so you can prevent the toilet from overflowing. I have a big one coming...or two.
by AL1 November 14, 2005
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