Known as fucking five Indian chicks in one act of orgying, no one has ever done it that I know of but I would love to hear about it.
If I ever had a quinnipiac before I die that would complete my list.
by niggaboy May 08, 2006
Top Definition
A University located in Hamden, Connecticut, in an attractive New England setting. Student body about 8,000 including undergrad, graduate, and law students. Students are mostly white, and either upper middle class or rich. Many are conservative as well. Division 1 sports. Known to have good parties, pretty competitive to get in to. Considered a JUNIOR IVY LEAGUE- whatever that means. Huge housing shortages. Great health science school.
Student from QU- I go to Quinnipiac!
Yale student- You dumb party animal!
Southern Connectictut student- You smart rich girl!
by KSJA April 23, 2006
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