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fucking a.

the coolest chic you will ever meet.
shell blow ur mind and ur dick.
blonde and beautiful.
fucking hilariousssssss.
loves weed.
wants to marry maryjane.
is a philospher and thinks about life and shit.
you want to be her best friend and tell everybody abou her.
oh yea and shes not cocky but shes hott as fuckk and yea.
I want to fuck Quinlyn.
by maryjanee12345 January 28, 2010
An Uber-Fag, putrid vile being who does nothing but waste resources. Commonly associated with/ will respond to the alternative name, "Assface." Quinlyn's generally smell of fermenting asshole, and can usually be found hanging out around the slums of India.
"Ew, what the fuck is that?"
"Oh, that's just Quinlyn"
by dickbuttt6969 February 19, 2015

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