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The anticipation of getting onto a Subway, Metro or El car that is free of loud, foul-mouthed smelly-armed teens, perky little just out of college, fresh into the work-force kids who use like after every word and cell phone users, i.e. Bluetool or cell phone fuck, talking about nothing adults want to hear after a hard day of work.
Quiet cartemplation is non-existant in D.C. on Fridays after 4:00PM.

Get out your iPod as there will be no quiet cartemplation today.

In a moment of quiet cartemplation, I got caught in some ghetto chick's cell loop.

Can you please, "like", shut the PHUCK up? I don't want to hear your mouth, I'm looking for a little quiet cartemplation here!

The perfect action to promote quiet cartemplation: cell phone bitch slap.
by NoElleNo May 18, 2007