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A Quickscope King is someone who has mastered Quickscoping, They have mastered the Technique of using it as a Tactic in close proximity with a opponent. aka CQC, CQB. (Close Quarters Combat, Close Quarters Battle)
Quickscoping was ment to be used with a sniper rifle at close range only because using the scope would be foolish and a suicide attempt. Quickscope Kings are the Masters of Sniping and Quickscoping. They show style and Technique with their Kills.

QsK or Quickscope Kings is also a Competitive Gaming Community for sniping on PC and Console Systems.
It has over 2000 Members, & only joinable through an Invite.
A list of Quickscope Kings

Zero2Forty: A PC Quickscope King
Victory X: A PC/Console Quickscope King
Corrupt: A Halo Quickscope King
LithiuM: A Halo Quickscope King
Vashy: A Battlefield Quickscope King
Treshold: A CS:S Quickscope King
CaLLMeGod: A CS:S Quickscope King
by Victory X January 07, 2012
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