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Slang for the soft drink Pepsi during the time the George Lucas film "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" was in theaters. This term was picked up due to the fact that Pepsi and Lucas Arts had an advertising agreement, which placed a picture of Qui-Gon Jin, a Jedi Master in the film, on the soft drink's can.
Hey Mom! Can you go out and pick me up a six pack of Qui-Gon Jin?
by k_debonair November 05, 2001
A wise man, who works in his own ways. This is also his weakness, because it clouds his ability to judge. A very well balanced jedi.
"He is the chosen one. You must train him Obi-wan."
by Starwars-geek April 02, 2003
That wannabe hippie of star wars who died because he sucks at fighting.
Qui-Gon Jin is dumb.
by Your name November 29, 2002