To drop a quarter hit of LSD.
I set the alarm an hour early, took a quarter hit when it rang, and went back to sleep. When I woke up, everthing was just a little cockeyed. I was questing all day.
by Rex December 11, 2003
Top Definition
In Fremont, CA, there is a highschool called Irvington. Here, students are required to pass 3 benchmark projects to be able to graduate. The most gruesome of all is Quest, the senior benchmark. This sinister and hated project has been coined as a new campus curse word as of the year 2012, an alternative/substitute for the word "fuck". Any non-seniors who use this word gets Quested up.
Quest this project.
Quest Quest!
Quest this.
Quest that.
Quest off.
You done Quested up.
Shut the Quest up.
I'm a senior, and I'm here to Quest shit up!
by Class of the IHS SENIO12s October 25, 2011
an extreamly long, tedious journey.
longer than a mission or trek
"all the way to shauns house! blad thats a quest"
by will coker June 04, 2005
a cross between a "QUIZ" and a "TEST", unique to Mr. Thornton's Law 12 class
by Midknight April 03, 2003
A mission that could involve battle, but the outcome of said mission is full of worth.
"Pleasant Ridge Chilli sounds grand, but it's too far."

"Yeah, but White Castles is in the middle of Coon Town. We may have to do battle. Are you ready for the quest?"
by XBronicastroX April 15, 2009
If your teacher is being really annoying and can't decided to torture you with a test or a quiz, he/she makes a quest. it's too long to be considered a quiz, but too short to be considered a test. It's a mixture or the words test and quiz.
In Global today Mr. Tromblee is giving us a quest.
by Faylyn December 28, 2005
what king aurthor and his brave knights (bedivere, galahad, robin, and lancalot)
Bridge keeper : what is ur quest?
knight : i seek the holy grail!
by kimbo June 29, 2003
(Adj): Quest is the most intense of all the words describing a journey. It would be considerably more treacherous than a mish or a trott, as it will probably entail passing several ghettos beofre arriving at the destination. Tread with care, he who dares partake.
The party's supposed to be in Amsterdam man. Where are we now? Yorkshire. Quest!!!!!!
by Aidan Brooks June 04, 2005

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