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After playing Guitar Hero, one usually suffers from "Queero Eye." Onlookers are often affected as well. However, no one will ever say they are experiencing any such effect. Also, lifeless players of guitar hero will not be the victim of any such insult to themselves, or their game, as Queers.

Cause: Watching the on screen animation of the colored notes traveling down the fretboard.

Effect: When one looks away, for a short period of time, everything you look at has the appearance of becoming distorted. As you continue to look around, things become less and less distorted until the effects cease. Then you play/watch another song, and the process repeats.
Thinking to themselves:

Queero: Damn, everything looks screwed up after I play a song!

Onlookers: Damn, every time I watch that queer play this game I get a mad case of Queero Eye!
by Rains March 10, 2008
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