having or pertaining to queer like or gay qualities.
guy 1: I just saw twilight again.

guy 2: your such a queerdosexual.
by super fye February 06, 2011
Top Definition
Applied correctly to either male or female individuals it denotes a personal affliation with either;

Participation in avant garde fashion thats typically in your face "queer".

Participation in "queer" activities that are associated with queerness, that is a sexual interest in ones sex.
I'm a Queerdosexual because I listen to Queer bands, i.e Glamour to Kill.

I'm a Queerdosexual because I wear leggings.

I'm a Queerdosexual because I perfer to oggle at a picture of Monica Naranjo rather then pornagraphic pictures.
by Mr. Gira October 05, 2011
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