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A homosexually derived nickname originating in the efnet network for a user named "veve"
quit acting like a queercake veve

piss off you queercake
by michael cray August 10, 2006
Someone who takes their dirty deeds to a bakery.

A big black guy who bulldozes you over in an intense game of basketball.
That kid just fuckin bulldozed me over.
Hes a fuckin queercake!
by Hailee Corin February 04, 2009
a cake (figurative or literal) awarded when a queer beds, yet another, "straight."
you and so and so, queer cake?
by dasschepas January 31, 2011
Someone who's acting like a complete douche bag. Also used in a derogatory sense towards ass-pilots like Elton John (gay people u retards)
Fuck I had that Ozzy kid, he's such a queer cake who sucks fat dong
by sourdude13 January 13, 2006