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a homosexual who is willing to flaunt there obvious sexuality. someone who goes over the top and out of there way to make a straight person feel uncomfortable.
OMG what a queerasexual,
by Tristan Owen July 10, 2008
Slang term for homosexual.
A true queer, feminine gay man, flamboyant, flaming queen.
Queer Homosexual Faggot
That queer-a-sexual has colorful feathers on his gay hat.

The queer-a-sexual jumps for joy to know that super fantastically gay marathon is going to run again this thursday.

You're such a queer-a-sexual.

Queer-a-sexual Thursdays in Studio 6969&96.

What a figgety fag that faggatoid queer-a-sexual.

Little Johhny is a queer-a-sexual too!!!
by Daylene June 28, 2006
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