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1. Presumably, the leader of the terrifying female bird-monsters of Greek mythology.

2. Ann Coulter.
I loathe Ann Coulter; she truly is the Queen of the Harpies. In all honesty though, I'd probably do her. Even though she's a cold blooded slanderous whore, she's still pretty hot and it would be a wicked hatefuck.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009
Female who nags a lot for no reason.
Related to mythilogical female creatures with wings who made load shrieking noises.
My bird was harping up at me cos I wanted to go out with the lads.
She harped up
Sorry I was late boys the misses was harping up.
Watch out lads shes got a harp on
That as a close one lads she nearly got her wings out
by Dude December 10, 2003