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Queen Latifah's drug abusing sister. Looks just like Queen latifah...just not as fat and not as many teeth. She has a serious case of meth mouth. And is never spoken of because she fits the african american stereotypes
Jowahnduh:Ey yo, Shaqueequee aint that is be Queen Latifa, giiiiirrl you know that is be my role model!
Shaqueequee: Bitch please! That is not be Queen Latifa, thats her crack head sister Queen Lateefless!
Jowahnduh: Dont be jelous that her sister famous! Ima go get her autograph anyway watch!
Shaqueequee: Bitch Please!
Joahnduh: DY-NO-MYTE!
Queen Lateefa: Yous gots any spares change? I needs a fix.
by [eXo] February 18, 2009

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