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When a man and a woman have a Primarily Serious, Exclusive, Long-term relationship, on the low. They talk on the phone and text often. They see each-other as time permits. How-ever, they choose not to profess their feelings for each-other publicly, because one or both of them, aren't just any-body.

It could be because of Age differences, Religion orientation un-acceptance, Media exposure which might impact ones famous reputation, Family un-acceptance, Life-style incompatibility (long hours, too busy), etc.
But, he cares a whole lot about this woman, and she is his One and Only Squeeze, right now.
I've got some "free time" right now, and there's nothing more that I want to do, than to spend some quality time, with my "Queen Fuck-buddy".
by Queen Fuck Buddy May 19, 2014
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