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1.) A synonym for gay. Used to get teenage boys from calling everything gay.
2.) Also used to piss people off who do not like the over usage of the word gay.
Person 1: Dude, I just saw high school musical 3!!!
Person 2: Quay.
by MelvinEugeene November 16, 2008
15 21
Shortening of the word "Quality"

British in origin.

Meaning cool, good, awesome etc.
"These dauphinoise potatoes are pretty fucking Quay!"

Person one: "The bongs ready"
Person two's responce: "Quay!"
by IroningMan August 30, 2010
24 15
The contraction of the words "queer" and "gay"
"Man, Reuben is quay"
by Josef March 02, 2005
58 51
Quay is a shortened version of a longer name. This person is short , very beautful on the inside and out. Very lovable ! Attracts many gays but isnt at all gay. Get to know this person before its too late.
Omg , Quay is so funny and lovable . I Wish she was mine.

I wish i would have knew her before she were famous.
by Beautifulnames October 06, 2013
8 4
When you eat meat, such as cow or chicken, too soon after it is killed. The animals soul does not have enough time to go into the other realm. Therefore, you ingest the animals spirit. It is then released into your toilet as a ball of negative energy. This negative energy contains the spirit and it is then released to RIP, in your bathroom, forever.
I just saw a chicken quay come out of my terd.
by Fitzlicki May 13, 2011
12 8
London slang for far away:
Quay is a shortened version of 'Quite away away"
"Emily's drum is quay"

by DickensyGood April 27, 2009
25 22
When a shranpel is shoved deep inside your asshole. Is normally completed before suicide.
Kid 1: Hey did you see that Sam kid's mutilated carcass.
Kid 2: Yeah I think he Quayed himself.
by John Weinershnitzel August 17, 2010
12 16