When a Man exhales air from his Penis. Sometimes, Involves blood.
"Dude I Quarfed, I think there's blood".
by Shika69 May 06, 2011
When a girl farts and queefs at the same time.
Jen had to bust some ass. So she tried to secretly let a fart out and had a queef at the same time.

Alex "Ew Jen did you quarf?"
Jen "..... Yes...."

During sex Lindsay pushed out a queef and farted by accident on her partner.

Josh "last night during sex Lindsay quarf'ed on my dick and balls! It was gross"
by LT1 November 11, 2010
The male equivalent of a queef or (qweef).
guy 1: I was fuckin some chick and when i pulled out i quarfed.

guy 2: Mrs. Keuper is a gay bitch with beefy tits.

guy 1:WTF

guy 2: you can quarf...?
lucky bastard...
by complex two point oh January 29, 2009
To fart out one's male reproductive Peehole.
i quarfed out of my dick
by poopenheimer March 16, 2007
to vomit so violently as to expel air from the vagina; to simultaneoulsy "queef and "barf".
If I have to smell another one of your farts on this Wild Turkey hangover, I may quarf.
by cornbread18311 June 29, 2010
A Quarf occures is when a man's is masturbating and beings to make a slimy sound. Mostley happens when he hasnt cleaned off the seemen from the previous masturbation, also known as a Fish Dick (Smelly Dick) which is simalar to Fish Taco (smelly vagina) for women.
bill: man, stop jacking off!!
joe: how can you tell im stroking softley
bill: well you dick keeps on Quarfing.
by Legato V4V May 14, 2009
The gunk that unpredictably shoots out of a pregnent womans vagina after she gives birth.
"OH GOD THE QUARF HIT ME IN THE EYE!!!" said the gynacologist(vagina doctor)
by Alex The Mighty Canadian December 07, 2005

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