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A town that most people have never heard of, or never will.
Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Boring town, retierment capital of Canada, but its full of fucking amazing people.
Lets fuckin party in Qualicum Beach.
I love Qualicum Kids, they always give'r.

by fhdisgf January 10, 2006
Town on Vancouver Island, BC. There's only two types of people who live there old people in the retirement homes and natives on the reserves. They don't allow any big name stores in the town, so if your looking for some McDonalds then go else where.
"You would think Qualicum Beach would have a McDonalds by now, with all the old people and natives it would be a huge success!"
by Louie Kay March 10, 2007
Qualicum Beach is a small town on Vancouver Island. It is usually joined with another small town/city. Parksville. Their area is usually called Parksville-Qualicum. Qualicum has a rule that no brand name fast food restraunts can open there. It is populated by the elderly, families and natives. It is a great place to visit and have a relaxing vacation at. It is also great for kids because it has a elementary school (QBES), a middle school (QBMS) and a high school (KSS). But people want to shut down KSS, making Qualicum not the spot you want to raise a family.
Please stop them from shutting down KSS. It is a very important part of our town, Qualicum Beach.
by QualicumBeachFan March 25, 2011

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