A proper reaction to anything improper or in poor taste.
She just flashed her tits for beads at my dad's funeral! That's qua!
by Pound Hardly August 09, 2003
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1.The act of qua.2.to be surprised.3.What?
Hey jim did you see that chick with a dick.
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
A mexican bus driver.
Eeeloo, mah naem is Quas and I driieeve de coaach
by Vope February 28, 2011
A small town in northern WI, Minocqua.... however has been shortened to Qua by local folk...
I am going to go drink beer in my ice shack back in the Qua...
by capt. k October 06, 2008
The act of smoking cannabis by placing a "socket" or "cone piece" loaded with cannabis on top of a full two litre bottle, burning a hole in the bottom of the bottle and as the water is released burning the cannabis forcing all the smoke into the bottle and inhaling.

Mainly practised in south wales
"man I am so smashed I've had like 5 qua's
by mr welsh accent November 12, 2012
word said when you dont no what sombody just said or did and want an answere but could realy care less mannly used by queers on xbox 360.
alex pencer: ha matt did you no that every action has a reaction.
Matt midrok: ...Qua... "Queer"
by mr kstein February 28, 2012
(kwas) a hairy fruit
me and jenny ate some quas
by bobalobalobaflobadue December 12, 2006
a fat guy who plays counterstrike and sweats while he does it and never goes outside and his over grown
damn look hes a quas get away from him
by vito February 27, 2005

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