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When you jack-off your choad by lightly tapping it with your fingers. Giving the illusion that you are using a QWERTY keyboard (as if texting).
Austin- Yo i be qwertyin my shit
Andrew- You get a new phone?
Austin- Naw mane, i just really like playing with my choad. like a qwerty keyboard
Andrew- Fa sho. Mane.
#qwerty #keyboard #choad #twat #masturbation #jack off
by SEAFLOORIUM November 07, 2009
A keyboard that that goes "q w e r t y u i o p"

"a s d f g h j k l"

"z x c v b n m"
wasd is made for a qwerty keyboard
#wasd #azerty keyboard #mouse #zqsd #computer #laptop #azerty #qwerty
by BluePower101 July 16, 2015

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