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In online PC based first person shooter games, specifically Call of Duty, one has the option of assigning the "interact with object" key to anything that they would like. This key is equivalent to the "X" button on XBOX controllers and the square button on Playstation controllers. It is the "catch-all" key and is used to plant charges in the campaign, pick up weapons, etc. However, on PC it is sometimes assigned to the "Q" key as it is close to the other gaming keys (WASD for movement, shift to run, R to reload, etc). When you die in Call of Duty, you begin to watch the "killcam" showing your adversary's perspective when he killed you. Just like in consoles, you are given the option to skip the killcam by pressing the interact key (Q). While 1 press suffices to skip the killcam, most people "spam" the button in attempt to respawn faster, or out of frustration. It is common to hit the key twice (QQ). This is very ironic, as "QQ" is modern internet slang for a pair of crying eyes. It is very symbolic in that when you are killed, you are often saddened or angered by this, so you spam the Q button to respawn, completing the circle of irony.
Person A: (dies and spams the Q Key)
Person B: "Bro, you only have to hit it once, unless you are actually crying. In that case, go ahead and spam the QQ Key you pathetic loser."
by habakkuk January 29, 2011
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