Quit fucking around. When someone is acting in an unappropriate manner.
I was helping out a customer and my co-worker was being un-professional so I told him to "qfa"! Wanting to be professional myself
by Ruben Robledo March 05, 2008
Top Definition
Quoted for Accuracy.
"Insert quote of some other person here."

by madwantnone January 28, 2007
Acronym for Quit Fucking Around, usually on message boards in response to trolls.
"Lolz, I hate dubstep almost as much as I hate classic rock."

QFA. That shit's dope.
by Hellgod19 April 03, 2011
Queef Free America
Bobby: Are you a supporter of the QFA?
Billy: Yea man, we gotta shut that stank down!
by bobby_light August 31, 2010
Quoted for Agreement
"President Bush sucks.."

by haxleet August 28, 2007
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