When playing Fart Football, you let a silent but deadly fart(SBD).
Dude wtf is that smell? qb sneak,and im going for 2.
by wvumountys88 November 15, 2007
Top Definition
The act of dropping a quarter bar of xanax in a friend's drink to ensure that they have the best night possible
John pulled a QB sneak on me last night at pourhouse and now I don't remember anything
by Jaybird42 January 13, 2015
when playing football and you are the quarterback, instead of getting the ball, you accidently grab the person in front of you's balls.
Dammit that stupid quarter back did a qb sneak on me
by youtouchmytralala October 15, 2007
The act of fucking your partner from behind and you gently wipe your ass with the index and middle fingers on left and right hands and proceed to yell "blue forty two, blue forty two, set, hut hut, hike" and smear the feces under her eyes similar to eye black.
Matt QB sneaked me last week and hasn't called me back ever since.
by Boombox Billy and Willem Dafoe November 05, 2011
You're fucking a girl from behind. Right before you cum, pull out. then you spit on her back and say your done, then you get her to turn over. as soon as she turns over shove her face towards your dick and squirt in her eyes.
John: Dude why'd brittany break up with you?
Josh: cause, i pulled a qb sneak on her
John: awesome *high fives*
by TRkeatz January 05, 2010
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