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Pyure Burger: Term coined to describe the McVideoGame, later used to identify the political party and spiritual movement.

Pyure Burger. A young political party established in the North West of England, 2006. Currently has two members and is deemed the fastest growing political party in the United Kingdom today* Citation needed.

Pyure Burger, Abbreviated PB, is considered 'A way of life, mother-fucker!' by one of the co-founders.

Official Slogan: "We're a fucking rare breed of ultimate cunts. Vote PB we'll set you free!".
"That's fantastic!"
"That's Pyure Burger!"

In reference to a controversial building project,
"Pyure Burger will tear that mother-fucker down!"


"You mother fucker! Don't make Pyure Burger fuck you up!"

Note, the above list is non-exhaustive. Offensive language quoted has been used to add emphasis.
by R&C October 28, 2009
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