Fire thief, derived from the Greek "pyro" meaning fire and "kleptein" to steal.

Some one who steals fire, generally in regards to a lighter
Bob: Hey Jones, can I borrow your lighter
Jones: Yeah hold on, here you go

Bob uses the lighter and then places it in his pocket....

Jones: Hey, you stole my fire you thief, don't be such a pyrokleptic

Actually this word developed because a past girl friend...a she who shall not be named variety ex-girlfriend, had a really bad habit of borrowing your lighter and then putting in her purse....
by Acemcleod July 20, 2011
Top Definition
A person whom is in the habit of stealing lighters, or a fire stealer.
Pyro means Fire. A Klepto it a person who steals uncontrolably.
"He stole my lighter."
"Yea, that guy is pyrokleptic."
by LoverandMother May 17, 2006
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