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Xtreme.Terminal.Forces `XTF ClanLead0r 1337ness on his side and known of his uber leading actions and supreme skills
by Regular Visitor August 15, 2003
Sets fire, kills victim by wrapping his body around victim's body. Spits fire balls.
by Pyro Python August 09, 2003
Shinigami & Gunshin & ten'yo & atae

The real and only God of Death, God of War and Gift of God.
by Nataku August 26, 2003
Da Best Kill0r in First Person Shooters - Unreal Tournament 2003 - Frag.Ops - Unreal Tournament - Tactical Ops - Half Life - Counter Strike

Also known as a Python with fire around his body who sets enemies on fire and kills them
by Pyro Python's L0veR August 15, 2003
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