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1. According to Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock "It's when two fat people...(brings hands together in a "slow clap" fashion)"

2. It can also be used to describe a feeling of giving up or distaste.
1. Larz and Jeff commemorate a win for the team by doing a Pwomp.

2.Good God lemon you've sunk lower than normal. -- Pwomp.
by reemstarkmadness April 26, 2011
When two fat people bump into eachother accidentally, causing them to fall and drop their food.
by elizabeth miervaldis April 21, 2011
pah- wha- mm- pa

(Old-English "pwomper-doodle" or "pwomper-nickel sandwich")

1. - verb (when used without an object)
* A person "of wight" (fat) sitting or falling down.
* A person "of wight" (fat) colliding with another person "of wight" (fat). See "squish".

2. - noun
* A resounding and/or pwomping noise made by the antics of a person of wight (fat).

3. Alternate Definitions:
* The sound of a chodler coming into contact with any foreign object.

* Tommy (a large person) falls after he drops his Twinkie... PWOMP!
* Sarah and Tim (two large people) collide.... PWOMP!

* "Did you see that person?"

"Yea! What a PWOMP!"

* My brother's best friend walks into the room... pwomp pwomp pwomp.
by Toneyfish June 05, 2011
When two fat people are going at it doggy style and lose their balance and fall off the bed together and hit the floor and mash into one big sweaty ball of lard, pwomp!

More generally can be used whenever mashing two things together.
Ice cream and pie taste good together, don't be afraid to pwomp a scoop on top.
by Plebescite April 23, 2011
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