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I made this word up long ago during gaming sessions on the console or internet over VoIP... I made up many different words in my gaming career just being my crazy self.

Pwnjorized/ Pwnjurized/ Pwnjerized are all the spellings.. It means Getting Pwned in RL, or in games.

This word is meant to vocally be said, not typed. And when you say it you must YELL it.. one of my friends made it more famous be adding a Indian accent when he yelled it.

When yelling in the accent it should be like Pwn-JOR-iiiiiiiiized!!!!
Hey man as you came around the corner I blew your head off! Pwnjorized!


Man you suck fag! Pwnjorized!
by LuCiD OmEn February 18, 2009

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