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A very horrible RuneScape Private Server, Never play it, your life will be tormented by 12 year olds. Administrators are to
e-tough so dont mess with them.

Owned by SateSQL, coded by a 14 year old kid named linksbro, (SateSQL is 30+) Jeremy maybe is the only coolest guy on Pwnified, Many people suck up to administrators hoping to become staff.
Ipotyoudrop: All you administrators ever do is ban people but you want new members.

Pwn3d: Keep it up ipotyoudrop! Keep going!

Ipotyoudrop: We make up the private server, without us you staff have nothing to moderate!

SateSQL: Ok your banned.
Pwn3d: LLOLLOOLOWNED!@!!oone!!
Zipper: yaahahahaha all he did was flame me! rrrr we r tuff
Suck up1: Hahaaaaaa can I hve stff plzzz?
SateSQL: banned from pwnified!
by Pwni_Owned August 23, 2009
To be, or to become, in a state which is "pwned".
Using guile and bits of dry skin, Olzen has pwnified us.
by Richard September 08, 2004