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A decorated box with shifting peaces on the sides of it,it is made as a craft.It is used to protect jewlery and such from robers and children.It was desined and develeped in China.It takes so meny correct moves in the correct order inorder to open it,thus the name,"Puzzle Box".The name of one move is called a "Sun",so 21 moves to open a Puzzle Box would be described as "21 Sun".Some Puzzle Boxes have a secrit drawer for better protection,Evin though a Puzzle Box is easy to brake.

In Amarican money,thay usaly sell for $100.00
I keep all my jewlry in my new Puzzle Box,and I keep my new Puzzle Box in a bullet proof safe,becouse I'm not retarted!
by Darka November 01, 2007

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