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Are you sure you did not mean `Put it on my tab.`A tab is a running bill at a bar. Put it on my tab means that you will pay the whole amount later, e.g. at the end of the evening, month etc.
Put it on my tab
by Madonna2010 December 01, 2014
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1: A phrase used to express nonchalant disregard for a situation.

2: A phrase used in any and every situation when you have nothing else better to say.
Abhinav: "I'm having a baby"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"

Taylor: "Hey guys, lets go eat at El Mezcal"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"

Henry: "You're a douchebag"

Aaron: "Put it on my tab"
by Mr. Stanturf May 18, 2011

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