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Used When you think someone is acting too high and mighty, or when someone is doing something totally unnecessary.
Oh Man... Seriously? Put the Dick Away!,
President Bush...38 kilatons of bombs? Put the dick away.
by MEEPLE January 10, 2010
1. Used when a guy is boasting or is too full of himself, to tell him he needs to get real and be more modest.

2. Used when a guy is too horny, to tell him he needs to cool down and stop thinking about sex. Cf. "take a cold shower".

I could pick up in 5 seconds every chick in the club!

Dude, put the dick away. That's too much!


Boy: You look so sexy tonight, wanna follow me to the restroom?

Girl: Put your dick away, you're sicko!
by Lukes*8 November 29, 2015
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