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An insane party/festival that takes place the week of spring break where large amounts of alcohol are consumed. The location is usually some random hotel that everyone "fucks up" and leaves a incalculable amount of activities for house keeping to have the whole day/week.
"Pussie Flounder was the shit! I wish it was year around."

"That party was fuckin crazy!!!! The only thing missing was Obama and his crew."

"Where else can you can you have THE DAZED HAWAIIAN"

"Pussie Flounder is so bad ass. We need to make t-shirts or something for it."

"That party was o.k. I guess. It lacked Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox Live. I mean really, everyone knows the good players play on it.You seriously cant go one game with out having that 4 or 5 guys who take pleasure quick/no scoping poor ratards with ease. Is the sniper rifle more deadly close range then the shotgun on PS3?" MPLS
by Gorilla Joe March 15, 2010

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