Referring to a male that has an uncircumcised penis.
Tony totally had a push-pop.
by Destiny the V March 31, 2011
The act of masturbating whilst taking a shit.
Kev: You took a long time in the toilet
Andy: Yeah, I was having a Push Pop
by Kev_The _Beard August 14, 2011
The reverse of a rusty trombone, it is when the female (or male) stimulates their male partner's anus with their fingers (preferrably a big thumbs up) while simultaneously performing oral sex.
Sue was giving me a great beej but then, to my dismay, I felt her thumb up my ass. That bitch gave me a push pop!
by Steve---o October 10, 2005
The ultimate late 80's and early 90's sweets. The sweet to be seen pushing while playing on a Barcode Battler.
Dude A: "I hate you, you big chump." *Pushes Dude B*

Dude B: "Don't push me, push a Push Pop"

Dude A: "Wow, you're all retro, wanna be friends?"

Dude B: "No."
by Ian Mckenna April 13, 2005
Whore, slut, cockgobbler. You average female.
"I went to this bar last night and met this pushpop. I pushed her fuckin aguuuu..."
by rizthewiz January 17, 2014
When you're tity fucking and after every thrust, your girl licks the tip of your dick lick it's a popsicle
Person 1: Hey Patrick how was your date with Kate last night?
Patrick: Daawg I push popped her hard

*Both high five*
by Push pop OG January 29, 2014
Any girl, usually between the ages of twelve and twenty that acts easy, dumb, and is used for her body. The word derives its meaning from the two words 1. push "to push around and bully", and 2. pop "to pop her cherry". Also with the combined noun and double meaning "push pop" or sweet thing, a push pop is a sweet girl who hangs out with douche bag boys and lets them do what they want.
Too bad that girl's such a push pop, she could do so much better than him. Why do good girls always go for such douche bag guys?
by stuflikethis May 24, 2011

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