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The stereotype color for african american male's penis. (like a shade of purple). used for making jokes and hah hah.
"Damn, I didn't know my aunt liked that purple dick."
#penis #hung #big #very big #very very big
by Charlie Victory February 11, 2007
This is a coined phrase from CU-Boulder Chey-Ho. It is meant to be used in a sarcastic tone. Purple Dick--->Someone who is a bit tarded, annoying, or an asswhole. But can be used in anyway.
An asswhole can dance like a purple Dick
#dick #purple #drank #asswhole #boy
by chey-HO<3 April 12, 2009
a statement denoting possion of a seat/table or other furniture when absent from that room. Used instead of stupid words like seatcheck and minutes.
Guy: Hey get out of my seat.
Jackass: your names not on it!
Guy: well I called Purple Dick
by craig poyser July 11, 2005
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