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Purple Bash can mean a number of different things:

1) Just before a man is about to climax and ejaculate, their partner punches him in the bellend

2)Just before a woman reaches a climax, they are punched in the clitoris.

3)When someone gives another person a black eye by hitting them with an erect penis.
For Example:

1) Oh man! I was getting laid last night and my girl friend randomly gave me a purple bash!

2&3) I gave my girlfriend a purple bash to get my revenge.
by purplebasher September 25, 2010
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A sexual act that is meant to be incredibly enjoyable. It is also incredibly hard to do because it involves some skill and timing. When the man is about to ejaculate his partner hits his bellend hard enough to close the passage at the end of his penis then he cums. The cum can't get out instantly and a massive pressure is built up inside the penis giving the man an immense pleasure.
Hahaha did you hear about Greg?? He asked that prostitute to give him a purple bash
by bigbigrattata October 30, 2010

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