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Quite possibly the most revolutionary medium of communication you have ever believed to have existed, in this plain of existence or any other. Pure Media takes many forms, and has countless branches, divisions, and collectives under it's dominion. Pure Media is limitless. Pure Media is omnipotent. Pure Media can, and will take the nation by storm. Pure Media wants to be your friend. Pure Media has people everywhere. Pure Media's ultimate aspiration is the completion of a Box Set. In simpler terms, it is the greatest media amalgamation of all time. Pure Media lives on.
Horace: "What is that you're working on so diligently?"
Virgil: "I'm translating Biggie Smalls Juicy into Latin, for the sake of Pure Media."
Horace: "Yeish, of course!"
by lolcat says lol November 30, 2011

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