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Known for short as "PA" this uber clan destroys everything it its way. Visit the forums at z11.invisionfree.com/clan_pa
Pure Annihilation is the best RS Clan :)
by EveryoneWhoCares February 01, 2008

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better than av dead death epicfail fail hawt pa rs clan shame splendicious
Pure Annihilation is the tree, and Adversity is the new seed.
As change has it, it seems that the tree is dying and the new seed is just beginning. Pa's days are numbered.

They also have a member named f2p fagacy, He also has a definiton, FAGGOT

Kid: Hey mommy, look at that cat dead on the road! I think its pulling a Pure Annihilation.

Mother: Yes honey, it is dead.
by Whowantstoknow?? February 02, 2008