A female at a punk show or a punk girl in general who is very attractive and is dressed in revealing clothing. A common code word is "P.S.".
You and your friend are at a punk show or chillin at the mall or at you school. "Dude, theres a punk slut behind us." Your friend looks, turns back, "hell yeah". I would suggest using the "P.S." term in this situation.
by Baconator Scum October 08, 2007
A little weak "punk" "pussy"
A filthy "Punk" "whore"

Either way punk slut is an insult to someone who may or may not be a slut.

Just like punk bitch, Punkslut basically has the same meaning, but, Sounds odd or funny when said.

dude 1:Hey look at that punkslut trying to bench press more than his weight.

dude 2: weak...


Dude 1: Man, I had the best romp last night with Lucy.

Dude 2: Oh rly? well I heard she was a punkslut, better check for std's dude.

dude 3: oh...
by carl burns March 12, 2007

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