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Similar to a mix between a hardcore gamer, indie gamer, and retro gamer. They tend to have a love for games that are retro, Japanese, indie, or just plain classics. They also love the less popular retro titles and tend to seek deeper meanings, symbolism, and plot that affects the player subconsciously. They search for and adore retro pop culture references, including movies, music, or comics in the games they play. They couldn't give less of a shit about graphics, and look more for character development and design.

They hate bro gamers, and will generally not look upon casual gamers as well, though they only truly hate casual gaming. Everything else about them fits well into punk, indie, sometimes hipster, and once in a blue moon perhaps emo. But if a scene kid is ever one of these... well that's almost impossible.

Games with grungy, punkish or even just indie soundtracks are a subject of enjoyment especially.
Punk gamers play:

No More Heroes, Scott Pilgrim, Mega Man 9 are modernish punk games.

Final Fantasy II, Mega Man 2, and Dragon Quest are examples of games that are often talked about and referenced.

Punk Gamers do NOT play:

FPS Games (unless they're retro like GoldenEye, Doom, or Quake)
Sports games
Gimmicky games (especially not these)
by Endel4 June 17, 2011
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