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1) n.- An individual who practices the art of spotting, seducing, and ultimately having sex with a girl who is dating, has dated, or is the love interest of said Shark’s close friend(s) or acquaintance(s). This practice has its highest rate of occurrence on college campuses, however, can also occur in High schools and the workplace. A Pune Shark has little or no regard for the constructs of Man Law, and or Man Code which expressly forbid such practices.
Austin- Did you hear about what Sam did?
Juan - No, what happened?
Austin- He Pune Sharked my girl right out from under me!
Juan- Aw man, that’s fucked up.

Juan- That Jordan is such a Pune Shark!
Austin- Yeah?
Juan- Yeah! He can smell pussy a mile away!
by Sidewinder23 May 31, 2011