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Hard core bong head, known for pulling cones too quickly - usually sucking so hard the greenery gets sucked back into the chamber before it has all blazed up. Also noted for a love of gutter hash, and dehydrating the bong water to salvage the hooch they stupidly pulled through prematurely.
Two notorious punch monkies lived for many years in a share house in Canberra Australia. Late one night after many phone calls, and no luck getting any weed, one dropped a few Rohies he was saving for a rainy day and blacked out on the couch. The other Punch Monkey saw an opportunity and envisioning lungs full of gungie tar, intubated the dude with a length of pipe and siphoned the black fluids from his mates bronchal tubes. Apparently it smoked up ok and took the edge off.
by ollie twisted May 08, 2010