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A roommate who knows not various things. Including but not limited to:

1. Turning off lights.
2. Making guests feel welcome.
3. Conversing with the fairer sex.
4. Closing the deal.

Way's to tell if your roommate is a P.E:

1. Complains about MISC. shit.
2. Offers too many times to go to Best Buy or HEB with him.
3. Stands awkwardly around when people are enjoying the scenery.
4. Quotes "I say, you guys have a bunch of random shit." "I will have to call bullshit on you, sir."
"Pumpkin Escobar brought a girl home last night....she left with one of my friends."

"Dude, did pumpkin seriously leave his light on again?"

by Pumpkin Kicker September 14, 2008
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