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Loudly demeaning a certain minority of people only to discover that said minority is within earshot and looking offended.
Pulling a Paris:
Tony and Timmy are walking in walmart, and talking about how much old people suck ass.
"Damn, i fucking hate old people!" said Tony.
"Yeah! I know!!! They're so retarded!" said Timmy.
*Both act out a retarded old person trying to do a simple task and miserably failing. Both stop and realize that they are not alone in acting like old retarded people*
"Oh damn... look at all these old retarded people staring at us man!" said Tony.
"Hmm... we totally just pulled a Paris!" said Timmy, "Maybe they didn't hear us... hahah no they heard us. They can still hear us. Okay shutting up now."
by DeeDee3 June 29, 2009
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