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Pulling an Oli Sykes is when you see an incredibly hot emo/scene chick, you go up to her and ask her to engage with you in sexual intercourse, when she says no, you bottle her and then piss on her. This was started when the incredibly awesome screamer Oli Sykes asked a girl in the crowd of his bands concert to fuck him, she said no, and he pulled of an Oli Sykes
Hot scene/emo chick: OMG LOOK ITS BMTH
Oli: OMG. your hot. cans i fux you?
Hot scene/emo chick: No!
Oli: -Pulling an Oli Sykes-
Hot scene/emo chick: IM GOING TO SUE YOU. -cries off like the little bitch she is-
by PACMANATTACK July 07, 2009
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